Some of the duties of a waiter may require some physical effort and having to work with items that contain certain risks (burns and cuts). It is therefore advisable and appropriate that you follow certain recommendations to prevent a simple risk from becoming an injury. Before undertaking a task, we recommend going over the proper procedure you should be following.

1 Carrying dishes and trays 2 Prevent burns 3 Avoid stretchings 4 Prevent falls 5 Avoid cuts

Carrying dishes and trays

  • Serving meals can quickly become tricky when one person is required to carry too many dishes. The more meals you have to serve, the harder and more inconvenient the task becomes: awkward posture, weight, effort, duration and being rushed can lead to injuries.
  • Snaking your way through customers with a tray above your head can be hazardous.
  • Having to overextend your wrist to prop up a large tray is not advisable.
  • Carrying too many dishes and too much weight at once can cause musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Also, when walking while holding a tray, chances are you’re not paying much attention to the condition of the floor and your surroundings, since your immediate environment is not readily within sight.
  • Carrying pitchers, bocks and ice buckets can also be tricky to serve at once when there are too many of them.


Prevent Burns

Handling hot or flaming dishes


Avoid stretchings

Putting away dishware and accessories


Prevent falls

Going in and out of the dining area


Avoid cuts

Cleaning up messes

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