Room attendants

Some of the duties of a room attendant may require some physical effort. It is therefore advisable and appropriate that you follow certain recommendations to prevent a simple risk from becoming an injury. Also, you should always be aware of the products you are using. Before undertaking a task, we recommend going over the proper procedure you should be following.

1 Avoid injuries 2 Adopt a proper posture 3 High cleaning 4 Understanding labels 5 Avoid contamination

Readying the room

  • Bend your knees when picking up items from the floor or making the bed.
  • When vacuuming, move your legs instead of your arms or shoulders – and keep your back straight.
  • Wear sensible work shoes (flat bottom, properly laced and comfortable) as well as loose, stretchy – and breathable – clothing.
  • Avoid awkward body positions and forceful movements.
  • Do not lift furniture.
  • Only wash the floors once you no longer need to move about the room.
  • Dispose of laundry and garbage bags immediately, instead of setting them down and picking them up again later.

Move the furniture and turn mattresses

  • It is important to know well how to force by being stable, by adopting the good posture and by taking time that it is necessary.
  • "I do not have time", "I am used to", "I always made it like that", "I am capable" are the best friends of work accidents.
  • Plan your work so you can ask for help to a colleague at the time he will be available (the calculation is worth the work).
  • If you are alone, avoid lifting all the load.
  • If you keep a support point, you will not have all the weight to lift.


Adopt a proper posture

Cleaning, dusting, washing and mopping


High cleaning


Understand labels

Using cleaning products


Avoid contamination

Disinfecting and other related tasks

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