Some of the duties of a receptionist may require some physical effort: standing statically for long periods of time, carrying heavy luggage, etc. It is therefore advisable and appropriate that you follow certain recommendations to prevent a simple risk from becoming an injury.

1 Adopt a proper posture 2 Answering the phone 3 Handling luggage 4 Prevent falls 5 Going in and out

Adopt a proper posture

Greeting guests

  • While standing statically behind the reception desk, adopt the best possible stance by maintaining a comfortable distance between yourself (5 to 10 cm) and the desktop area. Do not lean your belly against the furniture or counter.
  • When upright, be sure to keep your back straight and distribute your weight evenly on both legs. Use a comfort mat around your workstation, and if possible, a sit-stand stool that will allow you to switch postures while providing good support.
  • If you need to use a computer keyboard or mouse, avoid resting your wrists on a hard surface or the edge of an object or a piece of furniture.

React in front of an emotional customer

  • It is important to avoid confrontation.
  • Your reaction and your answers are essentials to keep the situation under control. Everything often takes place in the first seconds.
  • Keep control and stay calm.
  • Your interlocutor is already very emotional. If you also become emotional, you will not be able to manage the situation.
  • Be structured and firm, but respectful and open to listen. The reputation of your establishment and your safety will be bound to your control of the situation.
  • Do not tolerate aggressiveness and violence. Contact security without waiting if necessary
  • Simply assure the treatment and the follow-up of the complaint.


Answering the phone


Handling luggage


Prevent falls

Moving around


Going in and out

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