Some of the duties of a cook may require some physical effort and having to work with items that contain certain risks (burns and cuts). It is therefore advisable and appropriate that you follow certain recommendations to prevent a simple risk from becoming an injury. Before undertaking a task, we recommend going over the proper procedure you should be following.

1 Cutting and slicing when preparing food 2 Prevent burns 3 Understand labels 4 Prevent falls 5 Avoid stretchings

Cutting and slicing when preparing food

  • Store knives in a knife rack; do not leave them loose on worktop surfaces.
  • When cutting food, angle the knife’s tip and teeth away from – not toward – you.
  • Always hold knives firmly and when your hands are dry.
  • Avoid walking around with knife in hand.
  • Keep a chainmail glove handy for repetitive or more difficult cuts, e.g. when chopping meat, poultry, fish, as the blade can easily slip off a bone. Be sure, however, that the glove is clean and dry.
  • Also, be careful when using the slicer – it is the kitchen appliance that causes the most injuries.


Prevent burns

Handling pots and pans


Understand labels

Washing, rubbing and scrubbing worktop surfaces


Prevent falls

Cleaning floors


Avoid stretchings

Moving, lifting and carrying heavy loads

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